Fancierstudio 16×20 Pull Out Slide Out Heat press


  • Brand New  16″x20″ Heat Press Teflon cover included top and lower platen.
  • Voltage:110V Power:1800 W
  • Temperature Range:0-500F Time Range:0-999 s
  • Electronic time and Heat control: precise time set-up
  • Heat resistance foam lower base board with teflon cover
  • Pull out slide out lower platen 5.5 Inch.

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  • Fancierstudio Heat Press 16 inch by 20 inch heat press. Voltage: 110V (standard US and Canada) .Power: 1800 watts, Heat Press Style: Clamp shell, Temperature Range: 0 500 degrees F; Time Range:0 to 999 seconds, Electronic time and heat control; precise time set up, Heat resistance foam base board,
  • Pressure adjustable. Teflon cover for top and lower platen included. Heat resistance foam pad not glued down for purpose of replacement. Color of heat press is Blue Black Model: FS16x20 BPP
  • New Model Pull out lower platen makes loading unloading easy and less chance of getting burn. Max pull over 5.5 inch.
  • Teflon cover included for top and lower platen included. Make loading unloading t-shirt and transfers easy. Color of heat press is BlueBlack Model: FS16x20 BBP

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