Fancierstudio Heat Press 16×24 Sublimation Heat Press


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  • Brand New 16″x24″ Heat Press Teflon Sheet Included
  • Voltage:110V Power:1800 W
  • Temperature Range:0-500F Time Range:0-999 s
  • Electronic time and Heat control: precise time set-up
  • Silicon gel base board lightly glue down Pressure adjustable knob


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  • Heat Press 16 inch by 24 inch heat press. Voltage: 110V (standard US and Canada) .Power: 1800 watts, Heat Press Style: Clamp shell, Temperature Range: 0 500 degrees F; Time Range:0 to 999 seconds, Electronic time and heat control; precise time set up, Silicon gel base board, Pressure adjustable. Teflon sheet included. Silicon pad lightly glued down not fully for purpose of replacement. Color of heat press is Black Model: FS16x24 BP
  • To start off a successful t shirt business, a heat transfer press is a very important piece of equipment. A t shirt press machine being an integral component makes it important to select the best t shirt heat press in the market.
  • This heat press works great in both commercial and domestic settings, and it can perform any size job with supreme durability. The easy to use design allows for sturdy operations. When pressed down, it provides industrial strength, pressure, and even temperature, guaranteeing the transfer to last on the garment.
  • This Fancierstudio Heat Press is easy to operate and provides professional results. If you’re making shirts for your family or for your clients, the Fancierstudio DG Heat Press will make a lasting impression
  • The Fancierstudio heat press uses high temperatures and heavy pressure to embed the design onto the material permanently. For professionals especially, these machines are highly recommended instead of using irons. Irons cannot reach the high temperatures and pressure that a heat press machine can reach and sustain. Heat press machines typically require 350 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • This not a pull out model on sale 299.99


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