Powerful 1200 LED Dimmable Video Light Panel 14.4V-240V With V-Mount



* Energy saving with Long lasting LEDs design

* 1200 LED, 24.8V DC power, Voltage: 110V-230V

* 5400K LED color temperature, with 3 gels

* Light intensity: 1m :9500 lux, 2m :3300 lux 3m :1600 lux

* Size: 16″ x 12″x 2″ Weights: 6.5lbs

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Benefits: 1 High output, stable color temperature, long service life and outstanding heat dissipation. br 2 Use spotlight LED bulbs, provide an illumination distance of more than 16ft, which is suitable for long distance shooting. 3 Filters provide an alternative color temperature of 5400K or 3200K for choice. 4 Connect with 110V~230V A/C power through an A/C power adapter, easy and convenient. 5 Easy carrying and simple assembly with U Bracket design. INCLUDING FOLLOWING: 1x 1200LED panel with U Bracket design 1x 110V-230V power adapter and cord 3x Color Filters

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Weight 9 lbs